MIT Society of Engineers was founded in 1979. Since then, we've strived to inspire younger generations about engineering, encourage the notion of diversity in engineering, and determine and advocate for the needs of women engineers at MIT and the broader community.

Our departments include:

  • • Campus Relations
  • • Career Development
  • • Membership
  • • Outreach
  • • Technology


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How can I get involved in MIT SWE?

There are 2 types of membership:

  • • MIT SWE members: Can attend SWE events
  • • National Members: Have access to national SWE resources, have the ability to join SWE Board, can apply for conferences and scholarships, and can vote for SWE Exec.

Additional leadership roles:

  • • Undergraduate

    • ◦ SWEet Team: Can volunteer for outreach events and other projects whenever they are available.
    • ◦ Leaders: Assist in planning one-time innovative events or work on long-overdue projects. Must be national members.
    • ◦ Board: Plan one-time events or weekly programs. In charge of planning and running all SWE events. Must be national members.
  • • Graduate

    • ◦ Graduate Advisory Board: Plan mixers and mentorship programs. Must be national members.

How do I become a general MIT SWE member?

  • • Subscribe to our mailing list here!

How do I become a national member?

  • • Go to this link and fill in the relevant information.

  • • National Membership costs $20 for 1 year or $50 for 5 years, & MIT SWE will reimburse 50%

  • • Forward the confirmation to swe-vp-membership@mit.edu and email swe-treasurer@mit.edu to receive instructions for reimbursement

Who do I contact with additional questions?


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