MIT Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1979. Since then, we have strived to inspire younger generations about engineering, encourage the notion of diversity in engineering, and determine and advocate for the needs of women engineers at MIT and the broader community.

Bylaws and Constitution


Campus Relations

Campus Relations forges the tie between MIT SWE and the rest of the MIT community. The department is responsible for the planning of events that build professor-student relations and peer-to-peer relations among students as well. Board members of this department work closely with various academic departments at MIT and other student organizations to promote collaboration and active engagement on campus.

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Outreach connects MIT SWE to the local community through its broad range of programming for young girls and women interested in the STEM fields. There are 10+ outreach programs that take place at MIT, in schools in the Greater Boston Area, and virtually through the web. Some of these are year-long programs, such as Keys to Empowering Youth (KEYs) and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE), while others occur on an event-to-event basis.

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Career Development

Career Development manages MIT SWE's communication with companies and provides members with career development opportunities. These events include networking events and professional development workshops. The department also oversees the annual Career Fair Banquet held the evening preceding the MIT Fall Career Fair in September.

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Membership focuses its efforts on providing resources to members of MIT SWE, who are also required to be national members of SWE, as well as promoting individuals to become members. Important responsibilities that this department holds include hosting MIT Orientation and CPW events for MIT SWE, planning logistics for SWE National and Regional Conferences, and helping run General Body Meetings.

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Technology is an essential part of today's world, being used in more and more industries to allow for innovation, improvement, and impact. The SWE Tech Department integrates technology into SWE through tech initiatives, technical events and programs, managing the MIT SWE website, and more. Tech also provides sponsorships for SWE national members to attend tech conferences, including ones in Boston and the annual Grace Hopper Conference in Houston, TX.

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