Who do I contact with questions?

Email SWE Exec at swe-exec@mit.edu. You can also visit our Facebook at facebook.com/swe.mit or our Instagram at instagram.com/mitswe

Where do I find out more about SWE events?

Check out our calendar on this website! For more events, check out the Boston SWE chapter calendar.

How do I become a general MIT SWE member?

Just subscribe to our mailing list here!

How do I become a national member?

Visit this page to register. It is $50 for 5 years College to Career Membership ($25 out of pocket) and $20 for 1 year ($10 out of pocket). Forware the confirmation to swe-vp-membership@mit.edu and swe-treasurer@mit.edu

Why become a national member?

Check out more information about national membership here!

Perks of being a national member?

Perks of being a general MIT SWE member?

  • Get updates with the SWE Newsletter
  • Get updates with the mitswe@mit.edu mailing list
  • Join the Big/Little Program
  • Connect with a network of National SWE Members
  • Volunteer for Outreach programs
  • Attend GBMs! Welcome :)
  • Attend Campus events
  • Attend Career Development events
  • Attend Technology events

How can I be more involved either as a National SWE member or a general SWE member?

Get involved with the SWEet team, an easy way for SWE general members to get involved without any hard requirements. Team meets bi-weekly with snacks! It's a chance to practice leadership skills, pitch ideas, and work on various SWE projects. You can also get opportunities to volunteer for SWE on-campus, off-campus, or in SWETube production. Fill out the form here

What are each of the departments in SWE, and what do they all do?

Campus relations

  • Panel with graduate students
  • Skill and Knowledge workshops

Career development

  • Mock Interview and Resume workshops
  • Meet the Professionals
  • Meet and greets with faculty
  • Workshops
  • Company info sessions


  • Big/Little Events
  • Bonding within MIT's SWE Chapter
  • Mixers with other SWE Chapters
  • Coffee dates


  • Volunteering at local elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Girl Scout Days/KEYS
  • U.S. Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF)
  • LevelUP (STEM career-focused symposium)
  • WiSE Program mentorship


  • SWEcubator (project funding and support)
  • Tech Workshops (website, hardware, etc)
  • Tech Conferences

Find out more about each department by exploring the website. In fact, if you learn more about what your SWE Board does and win something cool! Any SWE member who attends at least one event hosted by each of the five SWE Board Departments (Campus Relations, Career Development, Membership, Outreach, and Technology) will be contacted and receive a prize! This applies to all SWE events (past and future) that take place this semester.